Things To Know About Water Damage


What is water damage?

Water damage is a broad term that means essentially damage caused to a material or substance due to the presence of water in a material or system. In fact, water damage las vegas nv can lead to delamination of laminated floors and furniture, rotting of wooden components, the growth of mold and fungi, rust in the case of steel products et cetera.

Causes of water damage

Several factors cause water damage. They range from minor leaks to catastrophes such as flooding. At home, a few of the many causes of water damage are bad weather, broken pipes, clogged toilets, leaking roofs and plumbing leaks

Categories of water damage

Water damage is categorized by the nature of the water component. It is therefore categorized into three as follows,

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This involves clean, uncontaminated water. This is water that is sourced from a leak that does not pose any hazards to a human being or their surrounding environment. Examples include broken water lines, leaking taps and what have you.

Category 2

This category involves contaminated water termed as grey water. This type of water has harmful pathogens or chemicals. Blocked water closets, seepage from leaked septic tanks and such are some of the sources of this type of water.

Category 3

This is what is termed as black water. This poses the largest health risk due to its high insanitary nature. Sources for such include back-flow from sewers, contaminated standing or ground water and highly contaminated water that is overflowing from the sea, lakes, and rivers. It is worth noting that category three also encompasses water from category 2 that is not drained from the source of the leak in good time.

Avoiding water damage

As water damage has the potential to cause a significant amount of loss, the besttgwedrfwed5t26ey27u282 cure is to avoid it as such. This is done by being vigilant on what can cause water to leak away from its intended place. At home, one should make sure that taps and pipes are checked regularly for leaks, proper drainage, and maintenance of water pipes and the sewer system. Some other things are beyond the home owners control such us natural catastrophes. On this, the best bet comes in insuring against such.

Insuring against water damage

Many insurance companies do not have a specific cover against water damage. If you want a specific cover on the same, the insurance companies tend to add addendum in the policy hence you will have to incur extra expenses in paying up the premiums. For this reason, the best bet is to cover for bad weather under flood insurance.